My soul was all alone

April 18, 2011

by David McGee

My soul was all alone
And couldn't find it's way
Then God came along
One cold and rainy day

I was filled with bitterness
He could see that from the start
God said I needed faith
And that started from the heart

I thought I'd take a chance
And listen to his plea
For it was about time
I did something just for me

I listened and I listened
And came up with a plan
That I always wanted
To walk with God hand-in-hand

Ever since I met God
That cold and rainy day
My life because of him
Has changed in every way

At night when I pray
I thank God that he was there
Because He's the one who taught me
How important it is to share

I'm so fortunate and grateful
God has come into my heart
Now everything is bright
We'll never be apart


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