Dave's Story

Dave Troutman founded D&A in 1996 with the help of Allison. His brother Don made this possible by assisting Dave with a house to get things started. Dave has such a large heart he would take people home and detox them on his couch after they had been thrown out of a program for using. ADP found out about what Dave was doing and told him that he needed a license to continue helping people to detox. Dave being Dave, he asked how he could get a license.

Dave got the paperwork and filled it out and sent in the forms. That is when the first miracle happened in Dave's life; he actually got a license. After that miracles kept happening for Dave. With the help from one of his first detox clients Dave was able to obtain a non-profit status for his new detox. While Dave was building D&A up he continued to work for Loaves and Fishes, operated by Manny Dias. This was one of the many ways that Dave was able to give to others what was so freely given to him.

Dave's compassion runs deep and he started reaching out to the less fortunate and homeless so that they too could have a chance to obtain sobriety and a better way of life. With a faith that doesn't quit and the assistance of his brother Dave moved D&A to a larger house. It didn't take Manny long to start filling the house with addicts and alcoholics in need. The only problem was the new place didn't have any beds yet so Dave was putting people on a couch once again. That explains why to this day Dave still has lots of couches.

From this point Dave continued to expand and improve things for everyone. He opened a couple of transitional houses, a treatment program and an outpatient program. At one time he even had a doctor that had an understanding of addiction and alcoholism. He assisted Dave with his passion to help others. Then as life has it things took a turn for the worse. Because of Dave's own addiction/alcoholism his liver was failing with no chance of correcting the damage caused by the disease. Unfortunately, Dave was unable to continue running all the places he had opened and one by one he had to shut them down. Even though he was preparing himself and his family for his death he still helped find a place for most of the people in his programs instead of throwing them out in the street.

With the help of a lot of friends Dave was able to keep D&A open and two of the transitional houses running. Then in 2001 the biggest miracle in Dave's life happened; he received a liver transplant and things started getting better again. Dave was able to take an active part in D&A again. He continues to work with Manny and the Veterans Administration to give low cost detoxes for those less fortunate and for those that served our country. Today, Dave's heart is still very large and he has compassion for others that is unparalleled. Through it all Dave continues to strive to make things better for those going through detox and those trying to transition into society again. We now educate all our staff through the CAARR Institute at our cost. This is to help ensure that our participants are getting the best possible help they need.

We feel that Dave is a good role model for all of us. For everything Dave has had to endure he continues to stay clean and sober. He continues to work with others afflicted with the disease of addiction at all hours of the day and night. We know that many of you that read this feel as we do when we say, "Dave, thank you for a new chance at life. Thank you for giving me a better understanding of myself. Dave, thank you for showing us what it truly means to care about ourselves and to care about others."

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