Residential Treatment Options

General Recovery Process

Remember, treatment and recovery is a process! Once detoxification is complete, the participant may continue treatment at our residential recovery home in Rancho Cordova. Our residential recovery home is located in a traditional style home is conveniently located, near the freeway and public transportation.

Recovery brings a deep emotional change, a solution grounded in the acceptance of the disease of addiction, its impact on daily life, behaviors and emotions. During this stage the addict/alcoholic will go through tremendous changes and will require support groups as well as support from family and friends. Our staff is here for the addict and to assist involved family members. If you have questions about the recovery process you are highly encouraged to speak with our program director personally.

Family Group

Individual recovery is dependant upon unity. We believe that the family presents an immediate source of comfort for the addict/alcoholic. It is extremely important that the both the recovering addict/alcoholic and the family see that there is hope left in re-establishing relationships in an otherwise seemingly desperate and futile environment. Though all stories are different they do share commonalities such as "burning family bridges" or flat out hiding from family members in shame. Family members share, "I just want my mother/father/son/daughter/spouse back." Often the recovering person and the family express frustration and hopelessness.  It is up to the individual and their family and friends to come together to start the rebuilding process.  

Education Groups

During these groups the participants will learn about the psychological and physical effects of their disease. The psychological effects of addiction are great and take a considerable amount of time to overcome. Most addicts and alcoholics do suffer a degree of physical calamities as a result of drugs and alcohol. During group they are introduced to the concepts of physical addiction and the effect substance abuse has on internal organs and the brain. This is a progressive illness that gets worse when left untreated.

Treatment Groups

Groups are held daily. The participant will be introduced to the 12 steps as described in "The Big Book" of Alcoholics Anonymous. The primary focus will be on the first three steps of recovery:

  • 1. We admitted that we were powerless over alcohol - that our lives had become unmanageable.
  • 2. Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
  • 3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.

During this process they will discover things about their addiction, alcoholism, emotions, their strengths and abilities, and learn how to stay clean and sober. They will learn a new freedom and a new way of life.

Morning meditation group is held daily and is open to alumni participation.

Each participant receives regular one-on-one counseling while receiving either residential or outpatient treatment. Participants learn individual coping skills, life skills, goals, recovery planning, find personal solutions, and will receive appropriate referrals and follow-up. Our small size allows us to spend more time with each individual and their personal recovery goals and planning. Like most things, recovery is of a personal nature and requires modifications to meet the individual needs of the addict or alcoholic, their families, and friends. Each participant's progress is monitored and recorded to assure the highest standards of recovery and treatment are met.

During the treatment program most of our participants regularly attend 12-step meetings. These meetings are attended by a wide variety of individuals in the Sacramento County area and some are located on-site. Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Dual Recovery Anonymous meetings are available.

Participants may also attend a weekly alumni support group meeting of recovering addicts and alcoholics that are working toward the same goal of recovery.

Part of our program involves lifetime aftercare at no cost to the alumni participant. All individuals are encouraged to attend these weekly meetings to both give and receive recovery support. Participants are encouraged to share challenges and successes. We also encourage alumni to continue to participate in morning meditation group held daily in the meeting room.

Participants have the opportunity to attend outside park and recreational activities such as softball, BBQ's, and other clean/sober activities located in Sacramento County. These activities allow participants to practice the life skills that they learn during their groups. It allows social interaction and group adhesion to occur in a structured non-invasive atmosphere. Computers and a recreation room are available for use by both residents and alumni during the day.

In keeping with our mission, we are affordable and personable. We care about each individual, their family, and their recovery as a whole. You will find that our fees are less than what you find in other centers. That doesn't mean we offer fewer services. Actually, we offer more: aftercare, meditation, daily recreational facility and computers for resumes and job search to better help the participant to integrate into society. No amount of money will bring someone to live in sobriety; support for recovery will. We are a non-profit corporation; this means that we do not make a profit from our activities. Our desire is to help and aid those in need in a recovery atmosphere. We have put a great deal of time and effort toward our program, staff, and home like atmosphere. We pride ourselves on our unwavering mission to provide these services to those that can't afford high priced treatment. Ultimately, it is up to the addict or alcoholic to want sobriety. You may already know this and have lived through some of the most difficult times of your life. The key for the families and friends of the alcoholic is to not give up and the ultimate objective as a concerned friend or family member is to get them to detox and treatment as soon as possible. It is the solution that provides for better success rates.

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The military doesn't send just one individual to win a battle; the military sends troops. That is the way we need to fight addiction. Collectively, as a group, pulling together, we can win. United we stand; individually we fall.

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